Community Forum

Education of our community. This includes all training be it pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary. It also may include adult basic training (ABET), skills development programs, or any other short courses that may assist in the need for qualified people within our business sector. Due to cost implications and numbers we will investigate the possibility to take hands with neighbouring municipalities to make it all cost effective and sustainable. We must ensure that all training and courses are accredited with formal institutions so that our people will have a valid and accredited qualification which open doors all over the world.
The second division under the Community Forum will liaise with all professional structures within our community to ensure that we develop and build socio structures that look into every socio need of our community. If it does not exist, we will develop it. Here we refer to basics social requirements such as health and safety issues, etc. We will develop a work brake down structure to identify all social needs and related institutions and/or organisations that can or may be of assistance to ensure that every social need is taken care off.
The third division is to ensure a safe and peaceful environment within our community and business sector. Here our Police plays a major role and we have to liaise with our local SAPS command structures in this regard.

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